The Zamo the Destroyer Show #162

Technical Support Monkey’s all mopey this week and Zamo’s worried she might decide to move across the continent to somewhere even more inconvenient for Iggy, so Dr. Zamo heads back up to the Cow-Named-Chan Valley to help with Chimpette’s breakdown.

And to get her to dispose of every single red item in the house. And orange. And purple. And blue and aqua.

Zamo also critiques Technical Support Monkey’s new songs and gives advice on how she can move to LA instead of whatever frozen East Coast hellhole Chimpette was considering instead.

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The Zamo the Destroyer Show #161

Sigh… Zamo has been dragged to not one but two, count ’em TWO, quilting workshops with Technical Support Monkey in the last couple weeks and Chimpette only paid the ten dollar good behaviour tax for one of them.

Zamo also relates Technical Support Monkey’s treachery in refusing to get an nice squishy bed and conspiring with Whatsisface Guitar Dude to thwart Iggy’s plans to crash their latest Skype.

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