The Zamo the Destroyer Show #175

This week Zamo and Technical Support Monkey butt heads over some stupid rocks for a fountain and Chimpette’s ongoing refusal to move to Los Angeles. Later, Zamo’s scheme to get revenge on Technical Support Monkey and scam $50 out of Whatsisface Guitar Dude via a horde of “filthy photos” backfires.

Plus: A close call with a nearby brushfire gives Zamo an opportunity to claim another miracle to impress the frog disciples.

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The Zamo the Destroyer Show #174

This week Technical Support Monkey drags Zamo to a local auction house but refuses to buy Iggy anything Ig likes. Chimpette is promptly punished by God for her chimpiness via a busted irrigation system, but refuses to repent.

In other news, Zamo blackmails Technical Support Monkey with some photos showcasing her housekeeping skills… or lack thereof… and Georgie pops by with a bunch of crappy endive Zamo doesn’t want.

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