The Zamo the Destroyer Show #189

It’s April and it’s raining and it’s all Technical Support Monkey’s fault for being as lazy as her supposed Viking cruise ship ancestors, but at least Zamo got to tailwhip her on St. Patrick’s Day for not being green.

Also, Chimpette lies to Zamo about her roses supposedly being poisonous and she refuses to accept that there are stinky and/or fiery consequences for her lies.

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The Zamo the Destroyer Show #188

The snow has finally melted and spring is nearly upon us and Technical Support Monkey has been successfully bullied into growing some berries for Zamo. Furthermore, Zamo and Chimpette have figured out a way to work together when Ig gets dragged down to go shopping, all of which could be avoided if only Chimpette would make Whatsisface Guitar Dude fetch her stupid flowerpots instead.

In other news, Georgie can’t take the shunning hint, and Georgie and Pierre are moving to the Cow Named Chan Valley, much to Zamo’s dismay.

And Technical Support Monkey lets it slip that Georgie might not have been totally honest with Zamo about real estate profits.

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