Monthly Archives January 2016

The Zamo the Destroyer Show #67

This week Zamo tunes out Technical Support Monkey’s drivel about her favourite band’s upcoming festival appearances until she says the magic word: California.

Unfortunately, Technical Support Monkey doesn’t seem to want to take one for the team and marry the second tallest dude monkey in the band so Iggy can live in a nice, warm, sunny mansion in Los Angeles.

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The Zamo the Destroyer Show #66

This week, an extra-cranky Zamo rants about her chimp Georgie’s refusal to fulfil her New Year’s Resolution to go to the gym more, thereby giving Zamo more unsupervised alone time. Georgie also refuses to get a job, insisting that she earns a living off her stupid paintings.

Zamo also bitches about the vet as well as Al Gore’s broken promises about global warming, as evidenced by Monday’s snowfall in Vancouver.

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