Monthly Archives March 2016

The Zamo the Destroyer Show #75

Zamo hangs out at Mr. Hydell’s house and can’t help but notice that Mr. Hydell has a lot of dolls… which Mr. Hydell insists are actually very valuable Star Wars collectibles… and he never does answer Zamo’s question about whether or not he has a Star Wars Dream Corvette for his dolls to go vroom vroom in.

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The Zamo the Destroyer Show #74

Zamo argues with Georgie about Donald Trump. Along the way, Iggy also educates Georgie on the characteristics of iguanas from different country, and asks when Georgie’s planning on going the Hell back where she came from.

For some reason, Georgie seems to find this all rather offensive.

PS: It has come to Ig’s attention that Technical Support Monkey screwed up last week’s show and just reposted the previous week’s show by “mistake”. It’s been fixed now, but still: Bad monkey! Bad monkey who will be punished for her “mistake”!

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