Yearly Archives 2016

The Zamo the Destroyer Show #109

Zamo wants to watch people cry on the Dave Navarro show, but Georgie insists on watching Cackles and Combover duke it out on America’s Next Top Chimp or whatever that gawdawful CNN show is called.

Revenge is had the next day when Zamo gets to gloat about how Georgie’s chimp lost to Trump, who’s somehow going to make America great again for Colombian iguanas like Zamo.

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The Zamo the Destroyer Show #108

Georgie does not have what it takes to be Ig Master when she refuses to reward Zamo’s Dave Navarro costume with any Hallowe’en candy.

Even worse, she pesters Zamo to go have a bath, but vengeance is had when Zamo bribes Mr. Hydell to come over and tell Georgie she’s the one who needs a bath, not Iggy.

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