Yearly Archives 2017

The Zamo the Destroyer Show #121

Zamo’s bored and decides to tag along with Technical Support Monkey on a real estate recon trip to “The Big Island,” which sadly turns out to not be Hawaii at all.

Worse yet, the chimps won’t listen to Iggy’s important suggestions on how to improve properties by turning them into cherry and berry plantations, and there’s a close call with the Purgatory Express.

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The Zamo the Destroyer Show #120

Georgie’s brother is thinking of becoming some sort of weed farmer on Vancouver Island, leading Zamo to lecture Georgie about the filthy hippies that live on the Gulf Islands lest she get any stupid ideas.

Georgie and Zamo also argue over the hydro bill, Georgie’s new hobby of feeding the local goldfinches, and Zamo’s new hobby of prospecting for gold in Georgie’s old/unguarded electronics.

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