Yearly Archives 2017

The Zamo the Destroyer Show #146

October’s just begun and it’s already getting to Zamo, who’s continually Skyping Technical Support Monkey looking for entertainment, which the damn chimp refuses to give.

Zamo also pesters Mr. Hydell to come over to Georgie’s new house on the Island to do chores for Iggy, and the highlight of the week was crashing Georgie’s “creative process exploration workshop.”

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The Zamo the Destroyer Show #145

Zamo talks about eating blueberry pie and learning to make ‘stabby pictures’ with Mrs. Browne with an E’s cross-stitch cult, which Iggy finds rather therapeutic in an imagining-stabbing-Georgie sorta way.

Also, Technical Support Monkey has finished Zamo’s quilt, which gives yet another opportunity to complain about Georgie not keeping her royal bed promises that she insists she never made.

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