The Zamo the Destroyer Show #190

It’s been a while since there was a show since Zamo needed to keep shunning Technical Support Monkey for getting all uppity and dyeing her hair red and other crimes against Iguanadom.

Since the last show, some uppity gecko type lizard at the Butchart Gardens dared tell Zamo to go back to Mexico, which Zamo took offense to since anyone with a half a brain can tell Zamo is actually from God’s country, Colombia. Even worse, Zamo had to spend time in Victoria for Easter and then some embroidery whatever thingy with Technical Support Monkey, and while there, some crackhead stole the silver gazing mirror ball thingy from Chimpette’s front yard that Zamo used to admire Igself in.

Fortunately Zamo thinks their old neighbor Bob might be just the sort of person who can exact a terrible punishment on...

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The Zamo the Destroyer Show #189

It’s April and it’s raining and it’s all Technical Support Monkey’s fault for being as lazy as her supposed Viking cruise ship ancestors, but at least Zamo got to tailwhip her on St. Patrick’s Day for not being green.

Also, Chimpette lies to Zamo about her roses supposedly being poisonous and she refuses to accept that there are stinky and/or fiery consequences for her lies.

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