The Zamo the Destroyer Show #144

This week Georgie drags Zamo along to a fall fair on one of the Gulf Islands where they meet up with Technical Support Monkey, who still hasn’t finished Zamo’s quilt and who still denies being decrepit and having “old lady hobbies.” Technical Support Monkey also refuses to recognize the quality difference between Colombian and Peruvian exports.

Meanwhile, Zamo and Georgie argue about findng a new more reasonable vet, whether or not Zamo should be allowed to experiment on chipmunks and other small critters, and the real definition of “Nazi.” Plus, Zamo almost succeeds in getting the dirty hippies to lynch Georgie for being a Nazi, but at least Zamo manages to corner Georgie into buying $300 worth of custom-colored yarn.

Zamo also bitches about September and Al Gore’s broken promises and me...

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The Zamo the Destroyer Show #143

Zamo can’t get no satisfaction when trying to call Georgie at work to complain about the food Georgie’s leaving in Iggy’s dish, nor can Iggy get any amusement out of Skyping Technical Support Monkey demanding entertainment.

Even worse, Technical Support Monkey threatens to rat Zamo out for wanting to jab sewing needles into Georgie.

In better news, Mr. Hydell agrees to set up some privacy screens in Zamo’s secret rec room lab when he comes over to go elk hunting with his brother Mick… next month. Zamo decides to start scheming to make Mr. Hydell move to Victoria so as to avoid these inconvenient construction delays.

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