The Zamo the Destroyer Show #174

This week Technical Support Monkey drags Zamo to a local auction house but refuses to buy Iggy anything Ig likes. Chimpette is promptly punished by God for her chimpiness via a busted irrigation system, but refuses to repent.

In other news, Zamo blackmails Technical Support Monkey with some photos showcasing her housekeeping skills… or lack thereof… and Georgie pops by with a bunch of crappy endive Zamo doesn’t want.

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The Zamo the Destroyer Show #173

Well, the global warming finally came to the Cow Named Chan Valley, and Zamo is loathe to question the Sun God’s judgement but perhaps there’s a little bit too much of it. (Not that Iggy will ever admit that to Technical Support Monkey, of course.)

In other news, Technical Support Monkey almost bought a house close to the Shawnigan Lake Monster, and Zamo keeps bugging her to be a team player and marry Jeff from Ojai on account of his backyard orange tree. Chimpette, however, has other ideas for backyard gardening.

They also argue over whether or not Wikipedia is a legitimate source.

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