The Zamo the Destroyer Show #185

It’s a new year, but the same old crap as Zamo gets stymied by Technical Support Monkey when Iggy tries to claim the upstairs storage spaces in the name of Iguanadom for a secret upstairs lab in which to experiment on squirrels.

And whatever mental or visual disease that causes Georgie to have such bad taste has clearly spread to Technical Support Monkey, who buys a red chaise and insists on painting things not green.

In other news, Zamo gave Robo Iggy the gift of dignity for Christmas and Chimpette is none too pleased with Robo Iggy’s new Christmas song. Nor is she pleased with the guidance Zamo gives her for her New Year’s resolutions.

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The Zamo the Destroyer Show #184

Right after going back down to Georgie’s house for Christmas, poor Zamo gets to experience life in a third world shithole thanks to the big power outage caused by a windstorm… which of course would never have happened if Technical Support Monkey had obeyed Iggy and married the guy with the orange tree in his backyard down in Ojai and taken Ig with her.

Even worse than the lack of TV was Georgie and Pierre’s tuneless ukelele and sleighbell Christmas campfire singalong by the fireplace.

In other news, Technical Support Monkey has rats and doesn’t appreciate Zamo’s rat Holocaust jokes. Chimpette also fails to listen to Zamo’s decorating advice.

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