The Zamo the Destroyer Show #183

Zamo’s back after a few weeks of no shows due to the bad weather that is surely Technical Support Monkey’s fault, despite Chimpette’s denials and refusals to right the wrong by moving to the Los Angeles area.

In other news, Chimpette now has her house but won’t listen to Zamo’s helpful color suggestions. She also has a defective cubbyhole desk that’s devoid of secret money compartments for Iggy to pilfer.

Also, Pierre and Georgie pop by for a visit. Pierre has found a job, but sadly has not found his way to be with the other filthy French hippies out in Tofino.

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The Zamo the Destroyer Show #182

Well, it turns out Pierre isn’t a figment of Georgie’s tortured imagination, as he shows up to visit and insists he isn’t just lost en route to Tofino, despite Zamo’s assumptions.

Needless to say, Technical Support Monkey swoops in to take Zamo up to the Cow Named Chan Valley for a month-long visit so Georgie and Pierre can have some unsupervised alone time.

In other news, Zamo and Chimpette argue about her Chinese wallpaper, whether or not Chimpette’s new animatronic robot iguana Christmas doll is offensive, and what color to paint the spare room.

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