The Zamo the Destroyer Show #181

Zamo’s been back at Georgie’s house for a couple weeks and it’s starting to piss Ig off, especially the part where Georgie won’t relinquish the sofa or remote control and keeps trying to get Zamo to have a bath and won’t share any of the Hallowe’en candy.

In other news, Zamo crashes Technical Support Monkey’s house inspection, which fails the all-important International Iguanas’ Union code 714-3 mandating a solarium, but neither the house inspector nor Chimpette seem to recognize the importance of that code.

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The Zamo the Destroyer Show #180

Technical Support Monkey finally buys a house, albeit one Zamo would consider a fixer due to the lack of strawberries in the backyard and green paint inside.

In any case, Zamo heads back down to Georgie’s place and is sick of Georgie’s incessant yapping long before they get home.

Plus, Technical Support Monkey doesn’t understand the importance of sharing. Or of buying a pink shotgun to protect Iggy from the owl that shrieked outside the window or the sea lions. Or of marrying one of the many eligible bachelors Zamo has found for her in various Southern California towns.

Chimps gotta chimp, after all.

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