The Zamo the Destroyer Show #148

Mr. Hydell returns with an old dead deer head for Zamo’s decorating (and upsetting Georgie) needs, as well as some salmon and elk steaks that Georgie will probably ruin with her questionable culinary skills.

In other news, Technical Support Monkey has been sick, and she argues with Zamo about dictionary definitions and certain “sporting” events that Technical Support Monkey insists Zamo is just making up.

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The Zamo the Destroyer Show #147

En route to go elk hunting with his brother Mick, Mr. Hydell finally comes by to make Zamo some privacy screens so Georgie can’t spy on Ig in the new secret rec room lab… a month after Zamo demanded them.

Zamo tries to convince Mr. Hydell to follow Ig and Georgie to Vancouver Island, but he doesn’t seem overly interested in the list of reasons to move there that Technical Support Monkey made for Zamo.

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